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1. The Exitrax range has been developed from the ground up by the team at Mean Mother 4X4, alongside a leading plastics engineering team. The 18 months of research and development, as well as countless hours of testing has culminated in the release of a trult original recovery board, unlike anything else on the current market. Exitrax is available in three unique sizes; 930mm, 1,110mm, and 1150mm. The 1,150mm Ultimate Series are constructed using the toughest, most flexible nylon around. These are specially designed for the off-road extremists who demand ultimate performance!
Reinforced nylon construction for maximum strength and maximum flex.
Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
Ultra-tough cleats for superior grip
Low profile stacking for easy mounting
Compatible with most recovery board mounting systems
Innovative design reduces effort for extraction
Strategically placed engagement nodules reduce wheel spin
Ground engagement teeth reduce board movement during recovery
Balanced handles for comfort while carrying
Smooth, rounded channels help distribute weight evenly
Compatible with the Exi Link linking plate and 4X4 jack base

2. Exi Link is a linking plate and 4X4 jack base designed exclusively for use with Exitrax Ultimate Series recovery boards.
Using grid-side up, two boards can be linked together to provide extended traction during recoveries in extra soft or slippery conditions.
Fits flat-side up in the underside of nested boards to create a foundation for safely operating a jack on a soft or unstable surface.

Designed exclusively for use with Exitrax Ultimate Series recovery boards
Made from reinforced nylon for strength and durability
Suitable for most popular 4WD and bottle jacks

3. The Exitrax Heavy Duty 12V Air Compressor has been designed for serious off road use. Packed with plenty of inflation power, it delivers an incredible 160 litres per minute free air delivery. Great for pumping tyres up when you hit the blacktop after a day of wheeling on the dirt.

Powerful 160 Litres Per Minute Free Air Delivery
45 Minute Duty Cycle @ 276 kPa (40 PSI)
2M Power Cable with Battery Clamps
Thermal Cut Out and Circuit Breaker Protection
0.70 HP (0.52kW) Permanent Magnet Motor
60mm (2.4″) Diameter Cylinder
Cleanable Air Filter
8m (26′) Rubber Air Hose with Quick Connectors
12mth Warranty
Includes zipped storage bag

4. The Exitrax Tyre Deflator is a must have product for reducing your tyre pressures for going off-road – it increases the tyre footprint, which greatly improves your traction and reduces the chance of getting bogged in soft, muddy, or sandy conditions. A reduced tyre pressure also allows your tyres to absorb rougher terrain as the tyre rolls over an obstacle, for example a rock or tree branch. This absorption assists in maintaining momentum of your 4WD.

Valve removal tool for rapid deflation
Easy to read dial with PSI and Bar (0-80PSI / 6 Bar)
ANSI Grade B accuracy
Corrosion-resistant components
Protective rubber gauge housing
Includes storage pouch